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Web Design & Development

First impressions are everything. Therefore, web design is very important when it comes to your potential client forming an opinion about your business.

We all want a pleasant-looking website but there are many more factors to consider when designing your site. As well as aesthetically pleasing, a web should be usable, communicative and intuitive. All of this, without forgetting search engine guidelines, an appropriate loading speed, responsive designs, etc.

This is why it is important to have a professional design team that Works in harmony with the rest of the marketing teams. Thereby, you will achieve an aesthetically pleasing and efficient website that will improve your image, brand awareness and will certainly help you improve sales.

Find out what makes a good web design.

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Ivan Posizionate

Having an appropriate web design is fundamental for any online strategy

Not only should a site be attractive to the user, but it should be adapt to all devices, follow Google’s rules, etc.

Experto diseño web

Is your website not generating visits or conversions?

There may be times when a business has had a website for many years but can’t rank on Google and can’t keep the users it receives. If this is your case, it may be due to an inappropriate design.

There are many factors that determine if a website has a good design or not that go beyond aesthetics. For example, Google can’t index a page made on Flash; loading time and responsive designs are becoming more important.

These are just some examples but there are a million different factors that should be considered when designing a website and that will influence the rest of the online strategies like SEO.

Furthermore, for Display, social networks, CRM campaigns or any other marketing action, you will need an adequate design as well as knowing the intricacies of each tool to get the best results.

Why invest in a good design team?

To answer this question, think about the large economical and human investment used to plan marketing strategies and put them into action. Now, think that all these efforts could be worth nothing if you do not have a professional team that knows how to reach your target audience and adapt each design to different devices.

For example, imagine if you have invested money in getting a large, segmented and updated user data base, you plan a huge promotion to reach your target audience, you send an email to these and 90% of them cannot see it due to incompatibility or your email being targeted as SPAM. Therefore, you will only have accomplished wasting your money because you didn’t have an adequate email design.


Ultimately, the success or failures of your online strategies can all depend on design; therefore it is important to have a professional design team.


Why chose Posizionate as your design agency?

Posizionate is an agency with an extensive experience in the online community and we have an internal and professional design team to suit our client’s needs.

We offer global solutions and therefore have a professional team that knows the intricacies of each device to provide responsive designs.

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