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Web analytics

Not considering web analytics is like walking with your eyes shut. For all online strategies it is fundamental to have good analysis reports to help you figure out your next moves. Do you want to know how web analytics can help you?

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Ivan Posizionate

Before, during and after any online campaign, analytics should be the foundation of your work

In the online context everything is measurable and quantifiable, so you can guide your work on real results and data.

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Which is the fundamental KPI to consider?


The first and most obvious is the number of visitors your site receives. This is the basis to measure how efficient your efforts are. It is also interesting to determine whether they are first-time or loyal visitors, the time spent on your site and the number of sub-pages they view.

Web traffic sources. This will indicate where your traffic is coming from (Google, Social Media, Banners, etc.). If you don’t know where your visitors are coming from, you will not be able to optimize your efforts nor the most effective channels.

Conversion. You should have a clear objective of what you want your visitors to accomplish (sales, filling out a form, downloading a document, etc.). However much traffic you may attract, what interests you the most is to know whether the visitors are converting or not, but if you don’t have your conversion objectives defined, you will not know.

Best and worse qualities of your website. You should know which sub-pages work well in conversion, the elements that make the clients abandon your page and the products that work well. By knowing this you can solve problems and reach your goals.

What tools can I use?


First and foremost you should know that Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that offers you a plethora of data, but there is life after Google.

Firstly, you should be clear about the goals you want to reach and the means to do so. Based on this, you can select the tools you need.

Furthermore, web analytics tools usually have different versions (and different prices) that vary by use. This is why it is fundamental to know what you need to analyze and use the tool according to your budget.


Ultimately, web analytics is your guide and best friend to optimize your actions in your online strategies.


What can Posizionate do to help you?

At Posizionate we have a qualified team in web analytics with Google certification, that will establish with the client the fundamental KPIs you should consider. In addition, we help you understand all the concepts necessary to manage your online strategy.

All our work is sustained with full reports that will show the progress achieved by the KPIs defined

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