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diseño de vídeo marketing

Video Marketing

This is the creation of videos within your marketing strategy. Video Marketing is a great tool for branding and can also be integrated in other content marketing areas or Adword SEM campaigns or Social Media Marketing.

Videos have a high visual impact and thanks to the development and improvement of video platforms, sharing is simple and frequent.

Have you thought of implementing a Video Marketing strategy? Keep on reading and discover how we can help you.

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Ivan Posizionate

Generate high-impact video content to complement your marketing strategies

Content attracts traffic to your site and video draws a lot of attention

video marketing

Our method


First of all, together we establish your goals for your Video Marketing campaign which can be increasing brand awareness, promoting new products or services, expanding coverage, boosting traffic, etc.

Once the objectives are clear we plan the strategy and the approach to use in the promotional video: history, internal elements, music, voice, length, call-to-actions, etc. and with all this we offer you a plan to validate.

After that, we start developing the campaign and launch it. During the time the video is on display we regularly measure the coverage and impact of the video and develop a monthly report.

Why create Video Marketing Strategies?


Video has a high-impact quality, as we stated above, nevertheless, every minute there are a hundrer hours of video being uploaded to internet. This is why; standing out from the rest is difficult if you do not have an adequate and thoroug strategy.

Having video as part of your marketing strategies increases the time spent on your site and as video is easy to share, this will improve SEO

High quality content for Social Media.

Increase CTR in SEM campaigns. Video adverts are more attractive and have a higher impact on CTR.

Take a look at some of the data form the IAB study about video in Digital Marketing.


  • 8 out of 10 respondents have used video as an online marketing tool
  • 9 out of 10 professionals confirm that online videos had a positive impact on their company
  • 38.5% has increased their budget for online video in 2014


Why choose Posizionate?

Because we are Video Marketing experts with years of experience in different sectors. We focus on brand awareness without forgetting your goals and we rely on creativity as the best tool to develop online strategies.

We adapt to your needs but we also advise you on what is best for your campaign.

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