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Social Media

Social Media Marketing

There are 2 billion people who use social networks, are you going to miss out on the opportunity to get to them? Take your business further and improve your brand awareness in an efficient way thanks to the enormous potential social networks give you.
However, it’s not about simply creating a profile on every social network and publishing content with no feedback. On the contrary, social networks are all about communication and user interaction. Besides, each network has its own intricacies; for example, what is good for Facebook may not be so advisable for Twitter. Therefore, you should have a well-defined Social Media Marketing plan to attain your goals.

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Expand your online community and improve your brand image on Social Networks

Social Media Marketing is the best approach to generate trust and increase your community. Only then will your brand reach a larger number of potential clients. We are on the same track as you; together we can achieve your goals

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a Digital Marketing field related to current communication platforms that have great marketing potential: social networks.

With Social Media Marketing you can achieve a wide range of objectives that belong to your business. Nevertheless, the main purpose of this type of marketing is to generate viral content that users can share on their social networks. Therefore, what you achieve is to increase your visibility and reach your audience in a natural and seamless way.

One to one communication, content creation and treatment or social interaction unite to build and improve your business branding through Social Media Marketing.

Discover all you can achieve with a good Social Media strategy.

What can Social Media Marketing do for you?

Interaction and communication between the general public and brands has totally changed in the last few years. Nowadays, what is important is one to one communication and the best way to achieve this is through social networks. Interacting with your potential clients, creating social conversions and building a loyal community are fundamental for your business’ Social Media strategies to be a total success.

With Social Media Marketing you will boost your online presence, generate trust and improve your online reputation and brand awareness. Is this not enough? With a great Social Media plan you will have a wider reach by boosting your messages and audience across a large, social channel that will improve your content sharing.

Discover all you can achieve with a great Social Media plan:


  • 2 billion people have an active profile on social networks. This means 870€ of the world’s population. Imagine what how many people you can reach! (Hubspot Data)
  • 80% of marketing professionals find qualified leads on social networks
  • 66% of marketing professionals increase their leads through Social Media Marketing dedicating just 6 hours a week to their social channels
  • 1 out of 3 clients consider social networks as a good means to discover new brands or products

We offer you a comprehensive Social Media plan with which you will achieve the best results on social networks


Why choose Posizionate as your Social Media Agency?

Posizionate is a Social Media Agency based in Madrid which has a young and dynamic team with a long career in the sector. We have developed Social Media plans for a wide range of businesses and markets targeting their personal needs and wants. This has encouraged us to continue progressing to always go the extra mile. Specialization and personalization in our Social Media plans are the basis of our success and will also be yours.

Get in touch with our team and discover all that Social Media has to offer you.

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