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Social Media Ads

Social Media Ads

82% of users between the ages of 18 and 55 are active on social networks. This is an enormous population segment not to take into account. Therefore, advertising on social media can be your great ally to reach your potential clients.
Segment your target audience and reach them through social media advertising, addressing who really is interested. Would you like to know more about this?

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Ivan Posizionate

Online advertising is much more than just Google AdWords

In a world dominated by social networks it is imperative to be have presence on them. You can achieve this through Twitter and Facebook advertising campaigns

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What are Facebook and Twitter Ads?

The arrival of Google AdWords was an advertising revolution as it allowed business to pay for a privileged position on the most popular search engines. But nowadays things have changed; being available on social networks has become as or even more important than being on Google. Facebook and Twitter, the largest social networks, allow businesses to buy advertising space, segment you audience and prove your campaign’s efficiency.

FacebookAds is Facebook’s advertising system. Through this service you can segment your audience, set your investment and achieve real results. First of all you have to create a campaign, establish advertising segments, create adverts and decide how much money you are going to invest. The adverts can be text, graphics or videos. This service also allows you to consult your campaign’s performance with different data.

Twitter Ads is Twitter’s advertising system. The service allows you to develop adverts to include in your potential client’s timeline. Create the campaign, choose your ideal audience and pay for interactions are the three simple steps to using Twitter Ads for your business. Twitter automatically analyzes the reach and performance of your adverts to be able to consider and improve for future campaigns.

Why is Social Media Ads a good idea?

Social Network’s increasing power, their impact on society and the fact that users consult them on a daily basis has made them an ideal place to promote and advertise your business.
The number of active users on social network increases every day and their reach is enormous. Nevertheless, the impact and popularity of business pages is not as big, therefore, paid advertising campaigns can be the best way to develop your social media strategy.
If you are still not sure about these services, take a look at the most outstanding data from IAB’s 2015 study:


  • 82% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 55 use social networks
  • 96% of them use Facebook and 56% use Twitter, this gives us an idea of the power of these networks
  • Regarding the average use of these social networks, internet users visit Facebook daily and Twitter 4.9 days a week
  • 89% of social media users follow a brand.

Ultimately, we offer high-quality social media advertising services for you to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible


Why choose Posizionate?

Posizionate is an agency specialized on Social Media Advertising with a young and dynamic team that has a long experience managing Twitter and Facebook Ad campaigns.

We plan PPC campaigns on social media based on our clients’ real goals and trying to achieve the best return on investment.

Furthermore, we measure and analyze the results of these campaigns to give you a clear image of the impact of these actions on social networks directed at enriching your client’s experience.

Get in touch with us and explore how to achieve your social media goals in the best way possible by managing Facebook and Twitter Ads.

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