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SEO Consulting Services

More than 100,000 million searches are made on Google each month, a very large number of potential users that must be reached. How can we target these potential users? Simple, through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

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Ivan Posizionate

SEO strategies are the first steps towards gaining visibility on Internet

Google is the most popular Search Engine, receiving 96% of all searches. Nowadays, it is right to say “if you’re not on Google, you don’t exist”

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What is SEO, SEO On Page and SEO Off Page?

Search Engine Optimization is the process by which a website – on the website itself or elsewhere – gains a place on Search Engine ranks.

Search Engines such as Google , do not read a website as a human being would do but as an indexing machine. For this reason, we must provide our website with the necessary information for the Search Engine to consider the content relevant and authoritative and therefore, rank our website higher on their search pages.

Within SEO strategies there are OnPage and OffPage . techniques. OnPage refers to any action done on the website itself (loading speed, metadata, usability, navigation, content…) while OffPage is anything done externally to the page (linkbuilding, social networks…).

Why should you invest in SEO?

“If you’re not on Google, you don’t exist” . It would be as if you had a pretty window shop on a deserted street with no one to enter and buy.

With SEO techniques you will be able to gain more traffic towards your website, increase conversion rates, improve usability, generate quality content content and, ultimately, make your business easily visible to any potential clients and make sure they repeat the experience.

Improving your ranking on Search Engines is not an overnight achievement; it requires time and constant work to gain a stable and lasting ranking. So, the sooner you start, the better it will be.

It is important to keep in mind that not everything is allowed in SEO as Google keeps a watchful eye over every website and constantly changes its algorithms. This is why it is important toto keep an eye on these changes and respect Search Engine’s policies.

Still not convinced?


  • More than 100,000 million searches are made on Google each month, which means 3 billion searches every day. (Data from Google)
  • The first page on Google receives 90% of clicks of which 31% goes to the first-ranked page
  • SEO has one of the highest conversion rates with 15%, while Social Media achieves 13% and PPC has a 9% conversion rate. (Data from Hubspot)
  • 96% of all searches are made through Google and 50% of them are carried out on mobile devices

In summary, we offer you the keys to ranking your business in the place it deserves.


Why chose Posizionate as your SEO consultancy?

As well as having provable experience with a wide and diverse range of businesses we develop SEO strategies focused on conversion and our client’s goals, proving the results through measurable and quantifiable data.

Get in touch and we will help your online business thrive with a personalized and quality SEO consultancy