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campañas de remarketing

Remarketing Campaigns

Have you ever wondered what happens with those clients that visit your website and never come back? How can you win them back?
Attracting traffic to your website is the first step you must take in your marketing strategy but once you have made the effort to gain more traffic, don’t just stay there. Competition is fierce in the online community and you cannot afford to miss out on those visitors who have shown an interest in your website, you will be losing a lot of clients. The solution to this is Remarketing.
Find out all you need to know about remarketing strategies and don’t lose any more clients.


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Ivan Posizionate

Conversion rates is roughly 2%, what happens with the rest of the visitors?

With remarketing campaigns you impact visitors who have left without converting

What is Remarketing?

These are online advertising campaigns focused on users who have already visited your site, therefore they have already shown a direct interest in your company and there will be more feedback.

For example, imagine you have an eCommerce dedicated to technology and your aim is to boost the sales of laptops. With remarketing strategies we tag all the pages that include this product and make them visible to the users.

Within remarketing there are different strategies like dynamic remarketing where you impact users according to the product they have visited; or search remarketing that targets users in line with what they have searched for.

It’s possible that you may have searched information about travelling and from then on adverts about this topic keep popping up where ever you go, right? This is remarketing.

Why invest in Remarketing?

We make a huge effort to attract potential clients to our site and only a small percentage makes a purchase. Remarketing allows us to recover visitors who could turn into potential clients easily.

We attract clients who have already visited your website as they have already shown an interest in your site. Therefore, the conversion rates will be much higher and the return on investment will also be benefited.
Furthermore, when the user returns to your site you can stop sending them adverts by eliminating them from the list and prevent saturating and boring them.

Are you still wondering why to invest in Remarketing?


  • Because the conversion rates are roughly 2%, therefore you are losing out on a large percentage of potential sales. With remarketing you avoid these situations
  • You impact users that have already visited you and you will be able to show them adverts that will truly interest them
  • Because we spend hours and money trying to attract visitors and with remarketing we close the cycle
  • Competition is fierce and you can’t allow other companies to attract your potential customers.

Close the buyer’s journey with a Remarketing campaign


Why believe in Posizionate to plan your remarketing campaigns?

We plan out your campaigns keeping your goals in mind and improving your conversion rates. Furthermore, we prove the efficiency of our work with regular reports that show your progress.

Posizionate has a professional team that works with these tools on a daily basis and allows us to have the knowledge and expertise to be able to attain your goals with customized strategies.

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