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PPC Campaign management

PPC Campaigns can be the perfect complement to your Online Marketing strategies. Below you will find the necessary information about what PPC is and how to gain the best possible results on your Google Adwords campaigns.

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Ivan Posizionate

With PPC campaigns you will achieve fast, quantifiable and quality results

These types of campaigns such as Google Adwords can be the perfect boost for your Inbound Marketing strategies

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What is a PPC campaign?

A PPC campaign is based on “sponsored links” in which the advertiser pays the publisher when the ad is clicked.

A clear example of this type of campaign is Google Adwords. The “sponsored links” appear in the first three positions in a shaded color and on the sidebar.

The price per click is determined by a bidding process where the advertiser specifies the amount it wants to pay to appear on the Search Engines.

It’s a good method to gain results in the short term and as a compliment to other strategies but it can never substitute organic positioning.

Why is it interesting to invest in PPC campaigns?

Because the results are immediate, there is no waiting time as in SEO. The advertiser only pays when someone clicks on their link; therefore, they pay for results.

Each campaign can be designed to meet the desired targets such as optimizing daily conversions, bidding over pre-established keywords for which the price is higher, measuring results immediately and registering the process from the time the advert is published to the moment of conversion, etc.

Are you still not sure PPC is the way to go?


  • Immediate results. It’s not like organic positioning which must be worked on daily to obtain long-term results
  • Pay per click. You pay for quality traffic, users which are truly interested in your service or product, not like with other systems where you pay every time your advertisement appears
  • Quantifiable and measurable. You are able to know the times your advert has been shown and how many conversions have been made
  • It is the best option when a keyword is highly competitive and we need immediate results
  • Great for branding. With PPC campaigns we can increase and boost our presence with a lower cost than any other type of branding actions

To sum up, developing and managing publicity campaigns based on PPC can be the perfect complement for your online marketing strategies


Why chose Posizionate to manage your PPC campaigns?


We have a wide-ranging experience in managing PPC campaigns for different sectors.
We are focused on achieving results and are certified as Google Partner.

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