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Plans for Ecommerce

An eCommerce business has different online needs to any other business or brand. Therefore, we develop 360º marketing plans specialized in eCommerce requirements.
The priority in these sorts of websites is conversion; therefore, all of our efforts and marketing actions are directed to achieving this goal. Firstly, we attract qualified traffic to the web, we offer them content that interests them to convert them into clients and finally, delight them to turn them into promoters of your online shop.
Have a look at all we can do for your eCommerce

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Ivan Posizionate

If you’re looking for a Digital Marketing service for your eCommerce that is adapted to your needs, look no further: Posizionate has the perfect solution for you

With our Digital Marketing plans for eCommerce you will achieve the best positioning for your website, working on attraction and delighting customers that will improve your online sales

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What will you gain with Posizionate’s Digital Marketing services for eCommerce?

If you’re current online plan doesn’t generate enough business maybe it’s because you’re not able to efficiently and naturally combine actions to achieve your goals. Posizionate can develop a 360º Digital Marketing plan with which your eCommerce can attain the position it deserves.

Thanks to our services, your online shop will achieve optimal results.

With Posizionate’s positioning strategies, your online shop will climb to the first positions in a natural, solid and stable way. This is only possible with a decent work ethic and being updated on the different search engines’ algorithms. With Posizionate’s Digital Marketing services for eCommerce you will also be able to improve essential facets of your business such as attracting new clients, turning your current ones into loyal customers and, most of all, increasing your online sales.

How do we put the eCommerce services into practice?

The success of our Digital Marketing services for ecommerce lies in our ability to combine different actions to perform 360º marketing plans. In this way, we can join forces, share resources and cover all the services that are necessary to achieve your goals and your online shop’s.

How do we achieve this?


  • Given that each business is different, Posizionate designs a personalized Digital Marketing plan for each business to suit their individual needs by applying all the necessary strategies and actions to achieve their goals in the best way possible. To attain these objectives we follow the following steps:
  • Acquiring new clients for your eCommerce. Our mission is that your online shop reaches more people and sales increase. To do so we employ y SEO, SEM, Social Commerce, Remarketing, Retargeting and Branding strategies
  • Generating customer loyalty. We boost conversion rates through different campaigns and strategies such as Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Branding, Remarketing and Retargeting.
  • Afíliate Marketing. We will Project your eCommerce to gain the largest reach as possible

Digital strategy campaigns that combine channels and actions that boost your conversions.


Why believe in Posizionate?

Posizionate is an Online Marketing agency with a young and dynamic team that has a great experience in the online world, and especially in eCommerce. Our work has established us as leaders in different Digital Marketing areas. SEO and SEM strategies, Web Analytics, Social Media, Email Marketing…

Posizionate is an agency focused mainly on conversions, which are our main success indicators. We want what you want. Your goals are ours.
We deal with different online shops from various sectors that have diverse characteristics. The key to our success and yours is specialization and personalization in our Digital Marketing strategies for eCommerce.

Get in touch with us with no obligations and let us help your eCommerce triumph.

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