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estrategias de marketing para marcas

Plans for Brands

Internet can be the best tool to generate leads and improve your brand’s image and reputation. Nevertheless, to achieve a great presence online you must rely on a solid and well defined strategy that integrates all the actions taken to reach your goals.
Brands have very specific needs and that is why we suggest you implement an online marketing strategy based on the Inbound Methodology
Do you know what this means and how it can help you attain your objectives?

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Ivan Posizionate

We understand your brand’s philosophy, define your ideal goals and design plans based on Inbound Marketing to attain these objectives

Although Internet can be the best tool to reach your marketing goals, you have to know how to make the most of it and gain qualified leads

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What will you gain with Posizionate’s Digital Marketing services for brands?

If your brand still doesn’t have the online presence it deserves, one thing is clear: your current Digital Marketing strategy is not able to reach your target audience in an efficient and natural way.
To attain your brand’s goals, we design global, integrated strategies with actions such as:

  • Attracting qualified traffic
  • Designing work flows to convert into clients
  • Delighting and convincing customers
  • Seducing and winning them over and turning them into promoters

Posizionate is a certified Inbound Marketing Agency. We base our work on measurable and attainable results in the online scene. To do this we rely on specialised and global online marketing strategies for brands and on our client’s basic needs.

How do we accomplish your brand’s goals?

Through SEO strategies and PPC campaigns we acquire qualified leads; we follow-up on these leads and how they interact with the brand. We complete this strategy with a comprehensive Social Media activity, searching for these leads and attracting them to your site.

With social media, content and special offers in synch with your clients’ needs, we seduce them and make them want to come back. Finally, we establish such a strong relationship with them that they naturally become promoters.

These are some of the services we can offer you:


  • Services focused on Branding. The aim is to improve your online reputation within your target audience and also your general image on Internet. Measuring objectives is done through variables such as coverage or the frequency with which we measure the success of each action
  • A strategy based on a continuous increase of your brand’s searches. Through our 360º strategy we manage to achieve far more than you could ever imagine. The fact that your brand is being searched more indicates success and points us in the right direction
  • Creative, multi-channel plans. Only with a 360º approach will you reach your public in an efficient and successful manner

Ultimately, we offer you a complete 360º strategy for your brand and for you to achieve the best results with everything Digital Marketing has to offer


Why believe in Posizionate?

Posizionate is an Online Marketing Agency with a young and dynamic team with years of experience in this sector. We are currently leaders in 360º Digital Marketing, with experience in all every area: SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, Web Analytics…

We have a wide range of clients with different needs thanks to capacity to adapt to different markets and sectors. Our expertise and customization of our Digital Marketing plans is the key to our and your success.

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