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ORM: Oline Reputation Management

Social Networks are growing on a daily basis and are constantly flooded by messages and comments. These comments have a great influence in the purchasing decision. Therefore, we cannot overlook the image and reputation that users have about our company or brand.

There must be a clear and well-thought-out plan to manage online reputation in such a way that allows building a solid image and reacting in a quick and efficient way in case of emergency.

Will you turn a blind eye to what is being said about you?


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Ivan Posizionate

Supervise what is being said about you and your business on Internet

A good online reputation can be a great incentive to completing a purchase

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What is ORM?

This is an acronym that should be part of any marketer’s vocabulary. ORM stands for Online Reputation Management. In other words, this helps you manage the image users have of a brand, what they think about it or how they perceive it.

Nowadays there is a plethora of tools to measure a brand’s online reputation and engagement but what is important is to know what to do with these statistics and how to use them to improve your online reputation.

An appropriate online reputation management can make the difference between a brand’s success and failure. Therefore, elaborating an adequate ORM plan is vital.

But ORM not only shows you what social networks are saying about your brand; but also include other aspects such as the results that rank in Google when searching for Keywords related to your brand; forums, comments, other pages, etc.

Why should you invest in ORM?

It is very common to encounter clients that ask themselves this, and what is worse, they say they don’t consider ORM as they haven’t got a profile on social networks.

Despite this, having no profiles on social media doesn’t mean they are not talking about you on the net. Internet has undeniable benefits for a brand but also involves risk. Internet together with Social Media are the greatest exposés and sources of content where, on a daily basis, many people discuss new topics and where a negative review can spread across the world in a matter of seconds, thus creating grave problems for businesses and brands.

For this reason, turning a deaf ear to the comments will not avoid people talking about you; in fact, this can cause the opposite effect.

Nowadays, before committing to anything, purchasing technology or a service, travelling, or submitting your CV to a job offer, we carry out an extensive research on Internet to know who to trust. What if the first thing that pops up about your company is a negative comment from an unhappy customer?

Are you willing to lose clients over what is said about your business on Internet?


  • In this article by you will discover some examples of the impact of a poor management of your online reputation
  • A user-to-user recommendation has a higher impact than any advert on the best media
  • Online reputation is built with daily efforts which have a long-term and successful outcome
  • The most inconspicuous comment on social networks can turn into an avalanche if there is not an adequate plan of action or a strong reputation

A good ORM can be the basis of your overall online plan


Why trust Posizionate to design your ORM strategy?

Posizionate has a large experience in a wide range of sectors, which allows us to understand the ins and outs of these sectors. Therefore, we can identify and prevent any impending crisis.

Furthermore, we educate and advise our clients at all times to help them react appropriately to any problems and be able to build a strong and solid online reputation

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