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Natural Link Building Strategies

Through Link Building strategies we increase the authority of your site. This must be done according to Google to avoid being penalized. Discover all you need to know to develop a Natural Link Building Strategy

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Link Building is still a big component for SEO projects

Not everything is allowed, you must achieve a backlink profile naturally

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What is Link Building?

Link Building is a digital marketing technique focused on improving organic positioning. It is defined as an OffPage approach as it is an action which takes place outside the website.

The objective of this procedure is to create links on different websites that redirect to your own website. In this way, these foreign sites grant your website higher authority and will make your keywords rank better on Search Engines.

In other words, it would be as if the pages which link to yours give the website a vote of confidence on a specific topic.

Nevertheless, it is a technique that must follow certain rules and be designed according to Google’s algorithms to avoid being considered SPAM.

Is Link Building effective to position a website?

The answer is clear: YES. Although, much has been written on this topic and it’s true it doesn’t have so much weight as it used to, it is still and important technique to achieving organic positioning for a website.

In the past sites abused this technique and Google became stricter and developed new techniques to eliminate SPAM. For this reason, it is important to know how to do this and have techniques to determine a sites quality and authority and develop a natural and optimized backlink profile.

Do you have doubts on how to develop Link Building techniques?


  • The key is to be organic, develop techniques with are natural. Also, avoid abusing this technique by becoming a reference for other websites because your content is truly interesting.
  • Be progressive. It is not logic that a site with 10 links achieves 100 links in a month.
  • Make sure that the websites that link to you have online quality. The better the site is, the better results you can achieve
  • Review your links periodically to avoid any that may hurt your website

Gain natural links to optimize your organic positioning.


Why chose Posizionate to develop your Link Building strategies?

Our philosophy is to opt for natural, organic and quality strategies. We don’t seek quantity, but measurable and quantifiable results.

We follow what Google establishes and we are only interested in proven quality pages

The strategy is developed according to the agreed targets for the global SEO strategy and based on a thorough Keyword Research which seeks to differ from the competition.

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