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Marketing Automation

Loyal customers are a business’ best asset. However, to create loyal customers it is not enough to just offer a good service, you have to pamper clients and make them feel unique and important.

Be that as it may, to achieve this you would have to use a plethora of resources that would be costly. But thanks to Marketing Automation, you can reduce these resources by more than half and achieve the best results.

Increase conversion rates; create loyal customers thanks to all the advantages that Marketing Automation can give you. This service can be your best ally to build a great CRM strategy; do you want to know how to use it?

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What is important is to personalize each interaction with your clients. But how can we achieve this if we have a large public with different tastes and interests?

Segmenting your audience and developing Marketing Automation campaigns

marketing automatizado

Are you wondering what Marketing Automation means?

In the past few years we are hearing a lot about Marketing Automation and its incredible advantages. Despite the great possibilities this strategy offers, many companies do not make the most of it or are not aware of them.

Marketing Automation is part of CRM strategies. This service allows you to automate your emails to your potential clients encouraging them to complete different functions (like purchasing), generating loyalty and inciting engagement.

You may be wondering how is it possible to customize these messages if they are automatic. Well, this is possible thanks to planning and segmenting. This seems like an easy and straightforward answer, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Here is where the key to a successful Marketing Automation strategy lies. We have to define our buyer personas and create adequate workflows to know what message to send and the right moment to do so depending on the client.

Take a look at how you can create a great Marketing Automation strategy.

How to start planning for Marketing Automation?

The first step towards Marketing Automation is to define your buyer persona; know who you are targeting, how to attract them, what could interest them and when.

Once this is clear, we have to develop workflows thinking how your client would use them. For this you need to know your sales cycle, since the moment a stranger lands on your page until they become a client. Therefore, you will know what content and messages you can offer them.

The process doesn’t finish with a purchase, but once you have gained a new customer it is important to continue delighting them to generate loyalty and keep them interested in your company or brand. To this extent, something as simple as an email saying Happy Birthday can be effective.

Another way to pick up more customers and increase sales is sending a reminder to visits that have abandoned the shopping cart. In this way, you will have an effect on someone who has been interested in your products or services and maybe push them to conclude the purchasing process.

Ultimately, automation software can help you gain so many things but, to make the most of it, you must take into account three fundamental aspects: goals, buyer personas and workflows.

These are some of the many advantages marketing automation:





  • Discarding cold calling as we have a much deeper insight into our potential clientele and there will be previous communications with them
  • Reducing efforts on designing, planning and sending emails