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Proceso de inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

Are you looking to increase your leads and revenue? What you need is to learn about Inbound Marketing. Understand what this methodology entails.
Inbound Marketing is not a new tool or campaign, as could be a PPC campaigns, but is a working method and a way of understanding digital marketing.
In a few words, it could be said that Inbound Marketing combines different online marketing tools (SEO, Social Media, contents…) to attract qualified traffic that we work on to convert into leads and then turn these into sales. But the process does not end there as we work on these clients further to transform them into promoters.


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Ivan Posizionate

Are you looking to generate leads; transform them into clients and then promoters? Then Inbound Marketing is what you aiming for.

Inbound Marketing has become our fundamental pillar around which we plan all our Online Marketing strategies based on SEO, Social Media and Content.


The image on the left shows you how the Inbound process works; from how to attract strangers to transforming them into promoters.

Especialistas Inbound Marketing

What do you gain with Inbound Marketing?

You may generate a lot of traffic to your site but it will be of no use if you cannot convert these into leads. With online marketing strategies based on Inbound Marketing you will be able to attract qualified traffic by offering them valuable content that will increase their interest in your company and will make them buy your product or services.

We will establish a solid and steady path through which users will flow from their first encounter with your company to converting them into clients.

Our marketing team works alongside the sales team to build a global strategy that will increase conversions and transform your brand in a benchmark in the sector.

This is the perfect process for companies that want a long-lasting and sustainable development and seek to expand properly and take care of their customers.

How do we make it possible?

At Posizionate we develop, together with our clients, a global strategy based on SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing that increases the web’s visibility within the right public public to offer them the most relevant content.

Once we have attracted the user to the website, we perform a series of actions focused on converting them into leads and later on, into clients. To do this we study what the user really wants and offer them only what will add value to their experience and awaken their curiosity.

We put ourselves in the shoes of your target audience and find out what to offer them, when to do so and how, to obtain the best possible results.

How do we achieve all this?


  • Determining, together with our client, the ideal buyer persona to learn what interests or problems they may have and how you to satiate their needs. Therefore, we focus all our efforts on obtaining potential clients.
  • Developing a global strategy based on attracting, delighting and converting visitors into clients. These strategies combine personalized content, web positioning and social media based on converting visitors to clients.
  • Creating attractive elements for your website such as call to actions, forms and landing pages, with a natural and non-intrusive approach.
  • Analyzing and optimizing all actions taken with measurable and evident results. Therefore, we increase the effectiveness of the strategy at a constant pace.

Ultimately, we transform your website and online presence into an attractive magnet and converting-machine that will increase your business’ sales.


Why chose Posizionate as your Inbound Marketing Agency?

Posizionate is made up of a young and dynamic team that has a long career in online marketing and is is considered to be one of Spain’s leading Inbound Marketing Agencies. We are certified as HubSpot Partner, which proves we are Inbound Marketing experts and have all the necessary tools to implement these strategies.

Get in touch with us and let us help you carry out an effective Inbound Strategy to obtain your objectives.

Certificación de Hubspot Partner

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