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Email Marketing

Were you aware that 1 out of 4 users have an active response towards email marketing? This is a tool businesses have been using for ages. Despite its longevity, many businesses think that this strategy is no longer effective but research says differently. The effectiveness of commercial emails is still very high and so is the receiver’s response. Furthermore, the invasion of mobile devices has made a real change in emailing; nowadays, emails can be read wherever and whenever which in turn, makes them more effective.

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Email marketing campaigns help you increase leads, conversion rates, customer loyalty, web traffic…

Email marketing can help you achieve your goals thanks to its versatility and customization

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Why plan an email marketing campaign?

Email Marketing has evolved considerably. Email campaigns have come a long way from those simple texts informing about a new offer or special events and have become a very powerful tool. The range of formats and possibilities has put emails back on the top of marketing strategies.

Furthermore, email marketing is a great complement to the rest of your strategies: it will help you spread your content, create customer loyalty with exclusive discounts, improve brand awareness, boost engagement, promote special events, etc.

But not everything is acceptable. The misuse of email marketing together with new protection laws has made it important to be very cautious when planning these strategies to avoid any mishaps that could hurt our reputation.

How can Email Marketing contribute to your business?

Email Marketing is not another communication channel for your business; it goes much further than merely communicating.

With email marketing you can approach your customers in a personal and individual manner which has a greater and more positive effect than simply publishing in the media.

You are able to segment your emails as much as you want: by age, interests, location, according to interaction with the site, etc.

Ultimately, emails are a powerful marketing tool in which creativity and imagination have a lot to do with achieving the best results.

But, ¿what should you consider when planning for email marketing campaigns?


  • First and foremost are privacy laws. You must be aware of the current laws to avoid committing any infractions
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Try to send what could really interest your customer and not only what you want to communicate with commercial purposes
  • Use your common sense. Do not saturate the receivers as you could be considered SPAM
  • Customize your messages. It has been proven that customized emails, both in the subject line and the text, are more efficient

These just some snippets about email marketing, if you would like further information do not hesitate to get in touch


Why choose Posizionate as your Email Marketing Agency?

Posizionate has an extensive experience creating email marketing campaigns for our clients, whether they are businesses, brands or ecommerce.

We believe that creativity is the best way to get to the users and we are able to create individual or integrated campaigns without ever losing our sole purpose: our client’s needs.

From the very first moment, we follow and respect the current protection laws to gain the best results.

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