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Campañas Display

Display Campaigns with Google AdSense

There is a plethora of different themed media that helps you segment even further.
Do you want to learn how to capitalize on Google’s advertising network and boost your online campaign results? .


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Ivan Posizionate

Display ads with Google allows for a great promotion

Due to the vast amount of websites that are part of this network, you will be able to appear where you need to be

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What is a Display ads with Google Adwords?

This is a set of banners that advertisers can insert in different medias that belong to Google Adsense, from news, Youtube or Gmail to topical blogs. It also allows inserting different formats such as images, video or text.

You can chose where to appear according to Google’s filters that can go by interest, keywords or themes so you are able to be where you want to be, according to your goals.

These campaigns are very useful for remarketing, promoting new products, affiliation programs…

But… what can a Display campaign do for my business?

This allows you to have a very versatile segmentation that will help you appear where you want to be. Furthermore, within Google’s AdSense network, there are medias with a wide broadcast which will aid you reach your target audience.

The different formats you can upload your designs in offer you a wider range of possibilities and achieve a larger impact.

Below you will find the main advantages of this service:


  • Segmentation through keywords, themes or interests
  • Different formats according to your goals: text, video or images
  • Larger impact of advertisements that will help people remember you
  • Presence on large media broadcasters

Improve your online advertising campaigns with Display


Why believe in Posizionate to plan your Display Campaigns?

We are a company with a large experience in the online community and especially in Display campaigns.

Furthermore, we have our own design department, which allows us to create customized designs for our clients.

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