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content marketing

Content Marketing

Did you know 60% of consumers make a decision based on digital content? With this strategy you will gain an organic and natural positioning for your web offering your public quality content. Below you will discover all you need to know to develop an adequate content strategy.

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Ivan Posizionate

Are you not able to attract and retain your potential clients with your current content?

Content is king and in Posizionate we are very aware of this fact. With a competent content marketing approach you will be able to efficiently attract and increase loyalty within your potential clients

content marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is one of Inbound Marketing’s main techniques. The objective of this practice is not only creating but also sharing relevant and valuable content for your buyer persona to attract and generate loyalty. In this way, we improve your organic positioning.

With Content Marketing we manage to attract potential clients to transform them into loyal and recurring clients. To do this we use content as a means to generate trust, credibility and authority and, most of all, give your buyer persona what they are looking for.

Ultimately, Content Marketing is the art of knowing what your clients need and give it to them through quality and unique content.

Why should you aim for Content Marketing?

Some time ago, Google established that quality and relevant content is one of the best indicators of website quality. With the right Content Marketing strategy you will be able to improve your position in the main search engines and increase the traffic to your website.

If you want to get to the TOP of the results page you need a SEO strategy that includes Content Marketing in a natural and efficient way to get where you should be. Thanks to this content you will gain a better position and increase organic traffic to your website and achieve a stronger connection with your clients.

Not only this, with unique, quality and relevant content you will manage to attract your buyer personas to your site, transform them into clients and turn them into loyal customers through specific content for each step in the buyer’s journey. One of the biggest advantages Content Marketing has, against other techniques, is, precisely, the bond or engagement you earn with your customers.
Do you need more?


  • 44% of B2B and 39% of B2C companies world-wide use Content Marketing as a main strategy (HubSpot Data)
  • Digital content influences purchase decisions in 60% of customers
  • Content Marketing is cheaper than traditional advertising and is also preferred by 70% of customers
  • Companies who use Content Marketing achieve, on average, 68% more leads

Ultimately, we offer a complete Content Marketing service with which we will gain great results


Why choose Posizionate as your Content Marketing agency?

Posizionate is made up of a young and dynamic team of journalists that are specialized in digital content creation with a long career in writing. Furthermore, we create a personalized plan for your company including all the strategies and techniques necessary to achieve your goals.

We are aware of the importance of Content Marketing in any Digital Marketing plan and all its great advantages to increase brand awareness, improve SEO or encourage Social Media sharing.

Contact us with no commitment and found out for yourself how you can make the most of Content Marketing and the great advantages it has for your company.

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