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posicionamiento ASO

ASO app store optimization

The demand on mobile apps is increasing every day but the number of apps available is also on the rise.
Furthermore, it must be stressed that 66% of users download an app after searching on an online shop, so it is important to be visible in these sorts of tools and become the best choice in among so many others.
But… how can you make users find you? The answer is simple: App Store Optimization.


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The rapid development of Smartphones and other mobile devices has increased the use of Apps

Improve your positions considerably on the app markets through ASO a.k.a App Store Optimization

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization is just what the name suggests, optimizing your app’s SEO on mobile devices. The market for mobile apps is changing rapidly and therefore, the positions of Apps in the stores don’t happen by chance. There is a very high competition in Apps and so, in the same way as websites, it is necessary to make them attractive and easily accessible through the correct keywords.

App Store Optimization is the process of enhancing apps on mobile devices to give them a wider visibility in the app market (Google Play, App Store…) and achieve the first positions.

Why invest in ASO?

According to the latest report on the State of Apps in Spain, carried out by The App Date, 63% of users download a phone app after having browsed the App shops. Competition in this sector is fierce as there are 3,000 apps being launched every day.

Many are the companies that do not plan any strategy to improve ASO, therefore, the ones who do gain great results.

If you want your App to be in among the first positions on Google Play, App Store or any other app market, you urgently need ASO. It is no use having a great App if it is invisible.